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Appetizers & Snacks Tommy's Famous Pickled Eggs
From the Kitchen of SmartAleXanderGal

Category: Appetizers & Snacks
Servings: 24
Preparation Time: 1 hour to prepare 4-6 weeks to pickle

Recipe Ingredients
2 Cup white vinegar
2 Cup cider vinegar
1 Cup sugar
2 Teaspoon celery seed
4-5 Bay leaves
2 Teaspoons salt
12 Whole cloves
4-6 Cloves garlic
2   Dozen Hot yellow chili peppers
1 Cup yellow pepper juice
1/2 Dozen Sweet cherry peppers
2 Dozen boiled eggs (peeled)

Recipe Directions
Put all ingredients in a gallon glass jar w/lid.
Wait at least 2-3 weeks before eating them. The longer you wait, the better.

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