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Poultry Chicken Casserole
From the Kitchen of SmartAleXanderGal

Category: Poultry
Servings: 6 - 8
Preparation Time:

Recipe Ingredients

8oz Sliced mushrooms
1½ Cup + 2 tablespoons Miracle
2 Cups cooked, cubed chicken
1 Package frozen vegetables
¼ Cup chopped onion
¼ Cup flour
1¼ Cups milk
1 Teaspoon Basil (optional)
½ Teaspoon salt & pepper
1½ Cups shredde Cheddar cheese
2 Cups Mashed potatoes

Recipe Directions

Cook mushrooms, onion & 2 tablespoons of Miracle Whip™ on medium heat...add flour & seasonings
Gradually add milk, stirring until thickened.
Stir in 1 cup Miracle Whip™ chicken, vegetables & 1 cup cheese
Cook 5 minutes.
Spoon mixture into 1½ quart casserole dish.
Stir ½ cup Miracle Whip™ into potatoes...Top with remaining cheese
Broil till golden brown

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